Friday, December 12, 2008


Tuesday (the 9th) was my last day in Kindergarten, my last day student teaching, my last day of college as I've known it.

I've reflected upon these three parts of my life, and have realized how priceless they have been.

  • Kindergarten: Tieing shoes, zipping coats, unscrewing my smile at the end of each day---a tough and tiring 8 weeks.
Getting to spend everyday with hilarious little kids...PRICELESS.

  • Student Teaching: Paying tuition to do everything a teacher does, planning lesson plans upon lesson plans, having to teach someone else's way---frustrating.

Getting 6th graders to pose in different ballet positions---PRICELESS

  • College: Gaining the experience of living with a roommate (very first one) who would show me her dandruff crumbled up in her hand...disgusting. Being required to take random, and sometimes pointless, classes...funny.
Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree tomorrow morning... PRICELESS

Sunday, November 23, 2008

ABC's and 123's

I haven't posted in awhile due to the many things going on with school. In case you haven't heard, I switched from student teaching in 6th grade to student teaching in Kindergarten. Yeah--two completely different worlds.

I would like to share with you apart of my everyday:

"Does anyone have any questions about what to do when you get your paper?"
  • Um--guess what? I have one of those (referring to a DVD case shaped like a rectangle)
  • I have one of those too...and my dad bought me a new one yesterday (referring to the DVD case shaped like a rectangle)
  • I have a dog too (not referring to the DVD case shaped like a rectangle, or anything we had just talked about)

Aside from not knowing what the difference between a comment and a question is, I find myself over-hearing random, hilarious things from these kindergartners:

  • I'm the best at smelling water
  • I knew that way before teacher did
  • I'm going to tell teacher that you just ate your crayon (literally)

And I find myself having to say things I never thought I'd have to say:

  • Everyone needs to keep their hands, their feet, and their mouths to themselves (yes-they were licking/kissing each other)
  • I said "walk" to your table, not army crawl
  • Could you please stop squeezing glue into Katelyn's hair?

Welcome to Kindergarten

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Congrat "U" lations!

To the many of you (ok..3 of you) who participated.... here are the answers to last week's quiz:

  1. Capital- Salt Lake City (Wendy was right, the capital in Utah is"U") j/k
  2. Highest point- King's Peak
  3. Origin of name - Ute Indians
  4. Nickname- Beehive State
  5. Motto- Industry
  6. Bird- California Red Gull (seagull is incorrect)
  7. Animal- Rocky Mountain Elk
  8. Flower- Sego Lily
  9. Tree- Colorado Blue Spruce (Blue Spruce and Colorado Spruce were accepted)
  10. Insect- Honeybee
  11. Fossil- Allosaurus (i did however accept "dinosaur")
  12. Fruit- Cherry
  13. Fish- Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
  14. Rock- Coal
  15. Mineral- Copper
  16. Gem- Topaz
  17. Emblem- Beehive
  18. Dance- Square Dance
  19. Cooking Dish- Dutch Oven
  20. Bordering States-Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona

Drum Roll..... ( no really, be drum rolling )....

In 1st place:

Nikki @ REID reviews (private blog) will be receiving this prestige Utah-Topia award for her 12 points!

And in 2nd place...Wendy @ View From the Grove received 10 points...

Right behind her with 8 points was Jenny @ Oh Fiddlesticks!

Congratulations ladies :) Let me know your addresses so I can ship your prizes.

Thanks for participating!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had the privilege (it was required actually) to attend part of the UEA Convention for teachers on Friday. It was held at the South Town Expo Center this year--and I've never seen so many freebies being handed out...

There was a booth that was advertising a U.S. Geography Computer Game and I just had to play!
(Map Play)

Here's your test: without cheating (a.k.a. google-ing) see how many of the UTAH facts you can get right on the first try---post your answers by commenting on this post and whoever wins will receive a prize!



  1. Utah's state capital:

  2. The highest point in Utah:

  3. The origin of the name "Utah":

  4. State nickname:

  5. State motto:

  6. State bird:

  7. State animal:

  8. State flower:

  9. State tree:

  10. State insect:

  11. State fossil:

  12. State fruit:

  13. State fish:

  14. State rock:

  15. State mineral:

  16. State gem:

  17. State emblem:

  18. State dance:

  19. State cooking dish:

and finally...

20. List all 6 states that border Utah:

Well--good luck to everyone, I will post the answers and the winner on

Sunday the 26th of October (that's one week!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Entertainment of the Season

This is before it all went down.


I went to Logan this weekend for the most entertaining football game I've ever been to. I was really excited for BYU to wipe out Utah State. (Yes, I am an Aggie but c'mon, does anyone really expect me to cheer their football team on?)

Anyway, I made it to the game just before BYU scored the first touchdown. Typical.

While watching the game, I realized there was just as much entertainment going on around me, as there was on the field.

  • To the left; One intense Aggie fan who was fond of saying bizzarre things such as: "#22, where's your house?" Also fond of picking a fight with the BYU guys behind us and brushing the dreadlocks out of his own face.

  • To the front; a couple of older gentlman who happened to be die-hard BYU fans. They also happened to be severly annoyed with the fact that no one would sit down. (especially during time-outs and media breaks). "Why doesn't everybody take a seat?!!"

  • Above; the BYU marching band

  • Below; the USU marching band

  • The ENTIRE stadium; decked out in blue and white.

Not one person was surprised when half time came and the Cougars were winning.

Everyone was surprised when the Aggies scored their first, then their second touch down.

So many flags, fumbles, play reviews, fight songs, banners, fan-fights, and more. Seriously, an entertaining game. I have never seen a team so mad about winning, and the other so thrilled about losing. Hilarious.

Utah State never expected to win, hence the reason many Aggie fans were found wearing a shirt specifically designed for this game.
---"Win or Lose.... you still live in Provo.... "nuff" said."

Congrats to the Cougars for winning!
Congrats to the Aggies for surpassing all expectations.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I taught a reading lesson to my 6th graders about a man during Hitler's time and the
Holocaust, titled
Passage to Freedom. Quite a remarkable story about a Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of lives.

Behind this story lies a theme that was so fitting for today.


What a great opportunity I had to talk to my students about courage and the significance of this day. As we talked about September 11, 2001 I was reminded of the horror, the sadness, and the fear. I was reminded also of courage.

  • The courage of the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives trying to save others.
  • The courage of those passengers who went down in a Pennsylvania field.
  • The courage of the families and friends of those inside the World Trade Center and the airplanes.

I remember being in highschool on this day. I remember being scared. Watching the television for weeks, feeding off the news converage, searching for hope. I remember feeling torn apart yet united.

Today, as we discussed courage in school, I remembered all of these things and I felt proud to be an American. I came home and watched some videos, read some blogs and felt motivated to share my feelings.

I will always remember this day and the people who lost their lives.

I will remember the courage.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Teaching 101

It's been awhile.

Update: I have spent the last 7 school days student teaching in a 6th grade classroom, where I will remain until the middle of October.

A few tips (basically for myself).

#1 Spend some time in the principal's office. Seriously--Let's just say the principal and I have become friends. A very long and involved story goes along with this--and actually this is a good thing. Believe it or not-that was my first time in a principal's office!

#2 Make sure you don't laugh outloud while observing when a student makes a comment that you think is clever and hilarious, but is not so to the teacher. Awkward.

#3 Before you accept a 6th grade teaching position, find out if there is a height test required. If so--move on. I think I have noticed the few missing inches more than the students, but still.

#4 Remember that there is more to learning then testing. Weird isn't it? I know... this news is ground breaking. Below you will find my favorite clip (so far) on standardized testing.

Quite the catchy tune don't you think?
(I think this song should be sung to every kid at home and school.)

Which brings me to...

#5 Remember and remind kids that acutally learning and feeling good about oneself is far more important than filling in the correct bubbles on a test.

This has been my edition of "Teaching 101."

Friday, August 1, 2008

27 Dresses

My week long class is over!
I've worked hard all week long and am quite proud of what I accomplished. My English 3440 (writing) class was an inspiration.

Classtime usually brings just doodles of flowers or the alphabet. But this was no oridnary class. My idea began the first day after a guy told a poem about all his wife's dresses. I thought to myself,

"Hmm...dresses. Interesting." and it began.

I drew one, then another and another. Grad students analyzed, and I doodled. Don't worry, I was listening, even participating. But mainly, I was drawing.

The girl next to me asked me what I was drawing. I sheepishly told her I had A.D.D and she just laughed. She asked me if I had seen the movie 27 Dresses?
I really quite like that movie.

Ah-ha! My simple-minded doodling just took on a new qwest. 27 DRESSES

Friday 1:00pm. I finished. only if I could turn this in as my portfolio instead of the poems and prose!

This project led me to one question: do I really want to spend the rest of my life being a teacher, or should I try designing dresses? Hmm...I'll have to give that some thought. ;)
There are seriously some scary ones.

But I do have a few favorites.

Which one, of the 27 Dresses do you fancy?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

English 3440

Becoming a teacher has it ups and downs. One includes (which I'll let you decide which category it falls under) attending a week long workshop at Utah State; English 3440; Creative Non-Fiction Writing.

It began on Monday and ends on Friday. It is only Wednesday night and I'm not sure I can take two more days of this. Ok, it's really not THAT bad, but c'mon if you were stuck in a blistering hot classroom on the far end of campus, told that a B in the class is considered exceptional, and surrounded by grad students majoring in English, classical literature, or technical'd be glad it's half way over too :)

Let's just say we begin every day by meditating. Yes, meditating. (it is better than getting more assignments though). Followed by reading poetry and prose (which is also known as writing) and analyzing it to DEATH. There's always multiple hidden meanings and parallells; a reason for every word.

You girl wrote a poem titled "Grasshopper." I read the poem and took it as information/details about a grasshopper (the title kind of gives that away). Come to find out this poem was really about the author's first fight with her new husband.


There were no fighting words, examples, yelling, saying sorry, making up, etc. It described grasshoppers and apparently, they are much like a first fight. (Wow, those of you who are married can you please, please enlighten me?)

I wrote a poem about Lake Powell and guess what? It's about Lake Powell.
So the week goes. It really is interesting and I'm learning something new everyday.

I've been working on something this entire time while in class and as soon as it's finished I'll be posting.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Lost Boy

My day at work today went as follows:

Little Lost Boy: Mom! sobbing. Dad! sobbing.

Me: Are you lost buddy?

Little Lost Boy: sobbing. No. I can't find my mom or dad.

Me: Oh, ok. Well don't worry. Let's wait right here for a little bit and see if they come find you.

about 5 minutes pass which included me asking him a bunch of questions about who he was and his family, what he had done that day, if he was excited for school, and basically anything that kept his little mind occuppied. He thought it was cool that he was going into kindergarten and that I would be teaching in a kindergarten class for awhile.

Me: Ok. Let's go up front and see if the guys in the red vests can help us find them ok?

Little Lost Boy: not sobbing anymore. Ok. Will they use one of the walkie-talkies?

Me: They just might. Let's go find out.

And sure enough they did! This little guy hung out with me for awhile in the office until a man (who proved he was his father by his ID) came to get him.

Little Boy's lost experience lasted almost 20-25 minutes. I think that's a pretty long time to feel lost, and be without your young child in a HUGE warehouse with tons of people. So I thought the "reunion" between father and son would've been a little more happy. However, Dad was not pleased and just asked him what happened.

And sweet Little Lost Boy replied: There's too many people here. I just got lost.

I chuckled to myself thinking the exact same thing, only wishing they'd ALL get lost and leave Costco so I could close the Deli and be done with work!

I kept thinking of Little Lost Boy all day at work today. Not only did he spare me from scewering another load of chickens in the Deli, but he made me remember why I was there: to earn money so that I can finish college and get my degree. He also reminded me how excited I am to be a teacher and help kids out everyday. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never in all my Years...

Never in all my years have I received something such as this! I'd like to thank Wendy for my very first blogging award (and the encouragement to update my blog)!

There are rules to this award.

1. Post the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 7 other people for this award and add links to their blog.

4. Leave a message for the people that you nominated!

Since there are "rules" to this award, I'm going to do my best to follow them (not that easy though as I am new to the blogging world)--- The people whom I have chosen to pass this award along to are.... (yes, hold your breath cuz here it comes)....

#1 Kim @ happyvalley. Kim is someone I've known since I was little. She coached our ward basketball team for years (um...this would define her being a SAINT since we never won a game--wait..maybe 1) and has a cute blog that could also use an update (hint hint).

#2 Tifany @ The Wright Place. She just recently received a very important Great View award, but since I check her blog out almost everyday I feel like she deserves this award as well. Not to mention her blogpage is darling. I've really enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you through your blog Tif :).

#3 Wendi @ Because Wendi Said So . So this lady doesn't even know who I am but I'm giving her this award because 1) her blog is hilarious and I check it everyday and 2) i love to read the comments she leaves on Wendy's blog. Hmm..I wonder how she'll feel receiving this award from a stranger?

*and last but not least (yes, 4 is the new 7) *

#4 Wendy @ View from the Grove. Yeah, yeah, I know she was the one who GAVE me the award. But no where in the rules does it say you can't give back! (not that I've really even followed the rules.) Even though she's already received it, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. Afterall, I LOVE her blog and get a kick out of her posts. Thanks for the award Wend, and for getting me started in the blogging world!

CONGRATS everyone and good luck following the rules... Please keep up the blogging so I can continue to be entertained!

(Wendy, I think this means you have to give them out again ;) ha ha j/k)!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mosaic Mel

So I saw this on a friend of a friend's blog (thanks to both Wendy and Wendi) and I wanted to give it a try. She said it would be fun and it toally was! I just answered some questions about myself and chose from the various photos that showed up as results to my answers.

So this is me as a Mosaic.

These are the questions:

  1. What is your first name? --- I've never enjoyed Melanie as much as this photo!
  2. What is your favorite food? ---
  3. What high school did you attend? ---Train Track High (coolest photo for PG)
  4. What is your favorite color? ---
  5. Who is your celebrity crush? --- apparently Rubber Ducky and Brad Pitt are related
  6. What is your favorite drink? ---
  7. Where would you go on your dream vacation? ---
  8. What is your favorite dessert? ---
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? --- a teacher (great photo huh?)
  10. What do you love most in life? ---happy children :)
  11. One word that descrbes you? --- I chose "blessed" and an American flag showed up. So fitting.
  12. Your Flickr name? --- No, it's not dishes. I'm melmac.

Good Times... If you wanna give it a try CLICK HERE.

If you don't... you should click there anyway to see how cute Wendi's is!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Free to Choose

On the 4th of July, I learned a little more about freedom. I spent the whole day at Lagoon (an entire day at Lagoon really takes it out of you) with a friend of mine from college. (thanks for going with me Jeanette)

From the experiences I had there I learned a little more about how grateful I am for the choices I get to make.

For example, I chose to go on the Samurai very first--I chose to think I was feeling better enough to go on the Rocket, and then the Re-entry. (first one blasts you off, second drops you). I then chose a garabage can (with a lid) to throw-up in. Which, by the way, is a lot harder to throw up into then one without, but when you can't hold it in any longer--a garbage with a lid works.

Really. How lucky am I? What if I had been forced to throw-up somewhere else. I am so glad I got to choose that garbage can.

Here's some of the other choices I made throughout the day:

  • Walk across the park or take the Sky-Ride: definitely Sky Ride
  • Should we wait in line for Wicked: YES
  • Should Jeanette and I, plus an older woman in line choose to wear the same shoes that day: YES--go white tennish shoes :)
  • Should we take a break and just go sit on the grass for a while: yes, and take a nap
  • Ride the train: YES..and see my brother and his cute little family :)
  • Should we stay in our picnic spot even though there was an awful stinch every now and then from the people next to us: YES... I'm not sure why we chose this one actually.

So you see. Choices, all day. Who knows.... had I not chosen to throw up--I might have felt sick longer and wouldn't have gotten to make those other choices. (f.y.i. I felt better and was good to go immediately following the incident).

I really am so glad I live in a country where I am free to choose.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

2-Day Extravaganza

Ok. So I spent the last few days riding in Wendy's purple (which she claims is red) mini-van. The two of us, her mom, and Emma drove along the Wasatch front (not including the "back way" to Tooele). We were all just so excited with how high gas prices were we thought we'd see how much money we could spend just from driving for two days.

Just kidding.

We went for the 8th Annual Quilt Shop Hop--and let me tell you, it was one "hopping" time. Our 2 day-extravaganza included:

  • 15 different Quilt Shops & 15 different quilts

  • 3 cardstock passports (which we got stamped at each place) & multiple prize-drawing enterings--one of us better win something!

  • 15 different "Once upon a Time" experiences (one of which included Emma trying on Ariel's red-haired wig)

  • stopping at a tiny po-dunk gas station to ask for directions while driving the "back way" to Tooele. I even got to use the "bathroom"--yeah, scary.

  • searching for just the right fabrics to finish some quilts (not to mention finding them!!)

  • doing some crazy math in the car (Wendy's pretty good at multi-tasking f.y.i)

  • learning that the number 164 and 154 make a difference when trying to figure out how much fabric you need ;)

  • finding some GREAT flip-flops in a different color for each of us

  • taking the advice of a Quilt Shop worker, and eating at a delicous Chinese restaurant

  • Rice-cake snacks, soda, and junk food (soda: you should have seen the number of empty bottles we threw out!)

  • getting some really good laughs at watching and interacting with Emma (she is so darling-and if you haven't already checked this out, you need to.... CLICK HERE )

  • spending the night at a hotel in Bountiful and having a continental breakfast where we got to make our own waffles...yum

  • Overall, having some fun with the girls~

What a blast! I am so excited to use the fabrics I got and finish my first quilt. I also loved coming back and realizing that yes, the quilt Wendy made for me is still the most beautiful one out there. Thanks Wend for the good times and awesome quilt.

~I can't wait til next year's Quilt Shop Hop~

Monday, June 16, 2008

1st place

I can’t stop thinking about three people who participated in the Pleasant Grove Triathlon on Saturday morning. These three women were not typical “triathloners.” They were older and a little over weight. They were women who truly were inspirational to me!

I was standing in the middle of the road directing runners/bikers where to go depending on what lap they were on—yeah, that got a little confusing. The participants who were biking were all about finished and on to swimming when I was told that three women were still coming and they were only on their first lap. Since the volunteers at the next station had cleaned up and left, I hustled down the road to the corner to watch for them and direct them around the corner. I got there just a little before they came and cheered them on. I watched as one of the women pedaled, her legs shaking from exhaustion. As they rounded the corner I stood there watching them climb the hill, so impressed with their determination.

Awhile passed and the decision was made to start handing out the awards. Still no sign of the three women. Finally, in the middle of raffling prizes out, 3 bikers could be seen and were on their way to the pool to finish the race. They had completed their last biking lap. Volunteers and other participants stopped what they were doing and cheered them on. They finished swimming with a determination that was inspirational. These three women accomplished something they had set out to do. I take that back. It wasn’t just “something,” it was a TRIATHLON,--it was hard. It was a battle of strength and will. A battle they won!

I got to find these three women after they finished and give them a prize and a “congratulations.” I will forever be impressed by their determination. So inspirational.

The smiles on their faces told it all. They may not have received a plaque, a medal, or even a ribbon---but in my book, they’ll always be 1st place.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Wikipedia

Dear Wikipedia,

I've been looking for a job for the past week and a half and am concerned that I might have mis-understood what "job hunting" really is. Even though I appreciate your definition of what it entails I have to be honest in expressing my feelings on the matter (see picture below).

This is me. Trying to find a job. Not just any job. A job that fits my criteria. I love it.

This is your definition of "job hunting."

And this is mine:

  • Job Hunting: The act of preventing yourself from going in-sane as you submit 30+ resumes online. Spending hours in various interviews being dressed up and trying to "sell yourself" to each company (just to find out that they're only offering part time and the pay is about 1/2 of what you need). Driving to and from each place, paying Kinkos to print out nice copies of your resume for those places that have a NOW HIRING sign in their window so you can look more "professional" in hopes they will say,

"Wow! What a great resume. Thank you for stopping by. Would you like to have the full time position we're offering during the summer for $16 an hour?"

In case you're wondering, they never say that.

Wikipedia, my dear friend, don't get me wrong--I appreciate the effort you put into trying to convey what "job hunting" is, I just feel like people deserve to know the truth. Thank you for trying to help me understand but some things, you just gotta learn on your own!


Miss (still unemployed) Mel


Update: I wrote this letter a few days ago, and now am actually employed. Funny huh? I went to the orientation and everything. I guess after enough "job hunting" something finally comes. Keep checking back for more info on my new, I finally found one, job!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bag It

As I was enjoying my Munchie's Mix, specifically the Dorritos and Cheetos, and picking out the cheddar sun-chips and pretzels, I decided that I really would "bag-them-up" and save them for someone else who enjoys them. (f.y.i. eating Munchies with Wendy really works out great so you know; me = dorritos & cheetos,
wendy = sun-chips and pretzels).

Anyway, I've been told a few times in the past that I am a "picky-eater." So I thought about all the things I typically could do without (such as cheddar sun-chips and pretzels). Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike these ingredients, but when paired with the other great choices, I'd rather savor the best and not have them.

Here's a few more items that I'd rather "bag" then taste...

Ah--the divided Munchies....

Here's for tomatoes....

One for mushrooms....

Don't forget onions....

Now whenever I eat something that has ingredients I'd rather do without, I can just "bag-it" and save it for someone who enjoy's it.


Disclaimer: I would have you know, that I am a much better eater now then I have ever been--and I enjoy things I never thought I could. That'd be great if I could take credit for this but actually, Jeff, Wendy, and her mom deserve a round of applause for their effort in getting me to taste new things. (really, I hope you're clapping). Thanks guys, quite a few baggies have been spared!

So... I'm curious. What would you "bag?"