Wednesday, July 30, 2008

English 3440

Becoming a teacher has it ups and downs. One includes (which I'll let you decide which category it falls under) attending a week long workshop at Utah State; English 3440; Creative Non-Fiction Writing.

It began on Monday and ends on Friday. It is only Wednesday night and I'm not sure I can take two more days of this. Ok, it's really not THAT bad, but c'mon if you were stuck in a blistering hot classroom on the far end of campus, told that a B in the class is considered exceptional, and surrounded by grad students majoring in English, classical literature, or technical'd be glad it's half way over too :)

Let's just say we begin every day by meditating. Yes, meditating. (it is better than getting more assignments though). Followed by reading poetry and prose (which is also known as writing) and analyzing it to DEATH. There's always multiple hidden meanings and parallells; a reason for every word.

You girl wrote a poem titled "Grasshopper." I read the poem and took it as information/details about a grasshopper (the title kind of gives that away). Come to find out this poem was really about the author's first fight with her new husband.


There were no fighting words, examples, yelling, saying sorry, making up, etc. It described grasshoppers and apparently, they are much like a first fight. (Wow, those of you who are married can you please, please enlighten me?)

I wrote a poem about Lake Powell and guess what? It's about Lake Powell.
So the week goes. It really is interesting and I'm learning something new everyday.

I've been working on something this entire time while in class and as soon as it's finished I'll be posting.

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