Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had the privilege (it was required actually) to attend part of the UEA Convention for teachers on Friday. It was held at the South Town Expo Center this year--and I've never seen so many freebies being handed out...

There was a booth that was advertising a U.S. Geography Computer Game and I just had to play!
(Map Play)

Here's your test: without cheating (a.k.a. google-ing) see how many of the UTAH facts you can get right on the first try---post your answers by commenting on this post and whoever wins will receive a prize!



  1. Utah's state capital:

  2. The highest point in Utah:

  3. The origin of the name "Utah":

  4. State nickname:

  5. State motto:

  6. State bird:

  7. State animal:

  8. State flower:

  9. State tree:

  10. State insect:

  11. State fossil:

  12. State fruit:

  13. State fish:

  14. State rock:

  15. State mineral:

  16. State gem:

  17. State emblem:

  18. State dance:

  19. State cooking dish:

and finally...

20. List all 6 states that border Utah:

Well--good luck to everyone, I will post the answers and the winner on

Sunday the 26th of October (that's one week!)


lvs2dance said...

Ok, so here are my answers
1. salt lake (duh)
2. mt. timp
3. Ute indians
4. beehive state
5. Eat green jello!
6. segull
7. bear
8. sego lilly spruce
10. cricket
11. huh? come on, is there really such a thing? Ok I will say dinosaur and to be more specific the elbow!
12. pear (that is what we always put in our green jello)
13. rainbow trout
14. red rock?
15. iron
16. emerald
17. beehive
18. square dance
19. HELLO green jello! Or maybe funeral potatoes
20. idaho, colorado, new mexico, nevada, wyoming
I am curious to see how I did!

Nik said...

This is fun! Cute idea....

1. Salt Lake City
2. Mt. Timpanogas
3. Ute Indian Tribe
4. Beehive State
5. Industry
6. Seagull
7. White tailed deer
8. Sego Lily
9. Blue Spruce
10. Bee
11. Dinosaur
12. Peach
13. Rainbow Trout
14. Granite
15. Copper
16. Opal
17. Beehive
18. Country Swing
19. Dutch oven
20. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming

Some of these I have no idea, and why does any state need to declare half of this stuff? Nice use of our taxpayer $$, since lawmakers have to pass this stuff. Crazy! But still fun. Thanks Mel!

Wendy said...

1. "U" is the capital in Utah - or SLC
2. Timp
3. Ute Indians
4. The Beehive State
5. Life Elevated
6. California SeaGull
7. Bear
8. Sego Lily
9. Colorado Spruce
10. Cricket
11. Dinosaur
12. Apple
13. Rainbow Trout
14. Granite
15. Calcium
16. Quartz
17. Beehive
18. Square Dance
19. Dutch Oven