Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Lost Boy

My day at work today went as follows:

Little Lost Boy: Mom! sobbing. Dad! sobbing.

Me: Are you lost buddy?

Little Lost Boy: sobbing. No. I can't find my mom or dad.

Me: Oh, ok. Well don't worry. Let's wait right here for a little bit and see if they come find you.

about 5 minutes pass which included me asking him a bunch of questions about who he was and his family, what he had done that day, if he was excited for school, and basically anything that kept his little mind occuppied. He thought it was cool that he was going into kindergarten and that I would be teaching in a kindergarten class for awhile.

Me: Ok. Let's go up front and see if the guys in the red vests can help us find them ok?

Little Lost Boy: not sobbing anymore. Ok. Will they use one of the walkie-talkies?

Me: They just might. Let's go find out.

And sure enough they did! This little guy hung out with me for awhile in the office until a man (who proved he was his father by his ID) came to get him.

Little Boy's lost experience lasted almost 20-25 minutes. I think that's a pretty long time to feel lost, and be without your young child in a HUGE warehouse with tons of people. So I thought the "reunion" between father and son would've been a little more happy. However, Dad was not pleased and just asked him what happened.

And sweet Little Lost Boy replied: There's too many people here. I just got lost.

I chuckled to myself thinking the exact same thing, only wishing they'd ALL get lost and leave Costco so I could close the Deli and be done with work!

I kept thinking of Little Lost Boy all day at work today. Not only did he spare me from scewering another load of chickens in the Deli, but he made me remember why I was there: to earn money so that I can finish college and get my degree. He also reminded me how excited I am to be a teacher and help kids out everyday. :)


Leslie said...

Hey Mel,
You are awesome. If my kid was lost I would hope someone as great as you would hang with him. You are going to be a great teacher. Hope you're good. Miss ya,

kimpg3 said...

Hey Mel....I finally updated my blog. Thanks for the award, I'm so excited!!!

kimpg3 said...

Hey Mel....I finally updated my blog. Thanks for the award, I'm so excited!!!

Amber said...

This is a touching story. I felt a tear coming, but then i realized it was just an eyelash. Speaking of eyes.. my new nickname is spiderman from the eye-picking thing you taught me that i'm addicted to now :) I love you Mel. You're greaattt!! (said like the tiger:))

Elvira said...

You write very well.