Sunday, June 29, 2008

2-Day Extravaganza

Ok. So I spent the last few days riding in Wendy's purple (which she claims is red) mini-van. The two of us, her mom, and Emma drove along the Wasatch front (not including the "back way" to Tooele). We were all just so excited with how high gas prices were we thought we'd see how much money we could spend just from driving for two days.

Just kidding.

We went for the 8th Annual Quilt Shop Hop--and let me tell you, it was one "hopping" time. Our 2 day-extravaganza included:

  • 15 different Quilt Shops & 15 different quilts

  • 3 cardstock passports (which we got stamped at each place) & multiple prize-drawing enterings--one of us better win something!

  • 15 different "Once upon a Time" experiences (one of which included Emma trying on Ariel's red-haired wig)

  • stopping at a tiny po-dunk gas station to ask for directions while driving the "back way" to Tooele. I even got to use the "bathroom"--yeah, scary.

  • searching for just the right fabrics to finish some quilts (not to mention finding them!!)

  • doing some crazy math in the car (Wendy's pretty good at multi-tasking f.y.i)

  • learning that the number 164 and 154 make a difference when trying to figure out how much fabric you need ;)

  • finding some GREAT flip-flops in a different color for each of us

  • taking the advice of a Quilt Shop worker, and eating at a delicous Chinese restaurant

  • Rice-cake snacks, soda, and junk food (soda: you should have seen the number of empty bottles we threw out!)

  • getting some really good laughs at watching and interacting with Emma (she is so darling-and if you haven't already checked this out, you need to.... CLICK HERE )

  • spending the night at a hotel in Bountiful and having a continental breakfast where we got to make our own waffles...yum

  • Overall, having some fun with the girls~

What a blast! I am so excited to use the fabrics I got and finish my first quilt. I also loved coming back and realizing that yes, the quilt Wendy made for me is still the most beautiful one out there. Thanks Wend for the good times and awesome quilt.

~I can't wait til next year's Quilt Shop Hop~

Monday, June 16, 2008

1st place

I can’t stop thinking about three people who participated in the Pleasant Grove Triathlon on Saturday morning. These three women were not typical “triathloners.” They were older and a little over weight. They were women who truly were inspirational to me!

I was standing in the middle of the road directing runners/bikers where to go depending on what lap they were on—yeah, that got a little confusing. The participants who were biking were all about finished and on to swimming when I was told that three women were still coming and they were only on their first lap. Since the volunteers at the next station had cleaned up and left, I hustled down the road to the corner to watch for them and direct them around the corner. I got there just a little before they came and cheered them on. I watched as one of the women pedaled, her legs shaking from exhaustion. As they rounded the corner I stood there watching them climb the hill, so impressed with their determination.

Awhile passed and the decision was made to start handing out the awards. Still no sign of the three women. Finally, in the middle of raffling prizes out, 3 bikers could be seen and were on their way to the pool to finish the race. They had completed their last biking lap. Volunteers and other participants stopped what they were doing and cheered them on. They finished swimming with a determination that was inspirational. These three women accomplished something they had set out to do. I take that back. It wasn’t just “something,” it was a TRIATHLON,--it was hard. It was a battle of strength and will. A battle they won!

I got to find these three women after they finished and give them a prize and a “congratulations.” I will forever be impressed by their determination. So inspirational.

The smiles on their faces told it all. They may not have received a plaque, a medal, or even a ribbon---but in my book, they’ll always be 1st place.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Wikipedia

Dear Wikipedia,

I've been looking for a job for the past week and a half and am concerned that I might have mis-understood what "job hunting" really is. Even though I appreciate your definition of what it entails I have to be honest in expressing my feelings on the matter (see picture below).

This is me. Trying to find a job. Not just any job. A job that fits my criteria. I love it.

This is your definition of "job hunting."

And this is mine:

  • Job Hunting: The act of preventing yourself from going in-sane as you submit 30+ resumes online. Spending hours in various interviews being dressed up and trying to "sell yourself" to each company (just to find out that they're only offering part time and the pay is about 1/2 of what you need). Driving to and from each place, paying Kinkos to print out nice copies of your resume for those places that have a NOW HIRING sign in their window so you can look more "professional" in hopes they will say,

"Wow! What a great resume. Thank you for stopping by. Would you like to have the full time position we're offering during the summer for $16 an hour?"

In case you're wondering, they never say that.

Wikipedia, my dear friend, don't get me wrong--I appreciate the effort you put into trying to convey what "job hunting" is, I just feel like people deserve to know the truth. Thank you for trying to help me understand but some things, you just gotta learn on your own!


Miss (still unemployed) Mel


Update: I wrote this letter a few days ago, and now am actually employed. Funny huh? I went to the orientation and everything. I guess after enough "job hunting" something finally comes. Keep checking back for more info on my new, I finally found one, job!