Sunday, October 5, 2008

Entertainment of the Season

This is before it all went down.


I went to Logan this weekend for the most entertaining football game I've ever been to. I was really excited for BYU to wipe out Utah State. (Yes, I am an Aggie but c'mon, does anyone really expect me to cheer their football team on?)

Anyway, I made it to the game just before BYU scored the first touchdown. Typical.

While watching the game, I realized there was just as much entertainment going on around me, as there was on the field.

  • To the left; One intense Aggie fan who was fond of saying bizzarre things such as: "#22, where's your house?" Also fond of picking a fight with the BYU guys behind us and brushing the dreadlocks out of his own face.

  • To the front; a couple of older gentlman who happened to be die-hard BYU fans. They also happened to be severly annoyed with the fact that no one would sit down. (especially during time-outs and media breaks). "Why doesn't everybody take a seat?!!"

  • Above; the BYU marching band

  • Below; the USU marching band

  • The ENTIRE stadium; decked out in blue and white.

Not one person was surprised when half time came and the Cougars were winning.

Everyone was surprised when the Aggies scored their first, then their second touch down.

So many flags, fumbles, play reviews, fight songs, banners, fan-fights, and more. Seriously, an entertaining game. I have never seen a team so mad about winning, and the other so thrilled about losing. Hilarious.

Utah State never expected to win, hence the reason many Aggie fans were found wearing a shirt specifically designed for this game.
---"Win or Lose.... you still live in Provo.... "nuff" said."

Congrats to the Cougars for winning!
Congrats to the Aggies for surpassing all expectations.

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RBS said...

Good post Mel. It was a long time coming. Believe it or not I check your blog regularly to see what if anything new is happening in you life. So I am happy to say 'good Post' Hope that the school class is doing well and you are enjoying it.
c ya soon
Auntie Roxanne