Friday, September 5, 2008

Teaching 101

It's been awhile.

Update: I have spent the last 7 school days student teaching in a 6th grade classroom, where I will remain until the middle of October.

A few tips (basically for myself).

#1 Spend some time in the principal's office. Seriously--Let's just say the principal and I have become friends. A very long and involved story goes along with this--and actually this is a good thing. Believe it or not-that was my first time in a principal's office!

#2 Make sure you don't laugh outloud while observing when a student makes a comment that you think is clever and hilarious, but is not so to the teacher. Awkward.

#3 Before you accept a 6th grade teaching position, find out if there is a height test required. If so--move on. I think I have noticed the few missing inches more than the students, but still.

#4 Remember that there is more to learning then testing. Weird isn't it? I know... this news is ground breaking. Below you will find my favorite clip (so far) on standardized testing.

Quite the catchy tune don't you think?
(I think this song should be sung to every kid at home and school.)

Which brings me to...

#5 Remember and remind kids that acutally learning and feeling good about oneself is far more important than filling in the correct bubbles on a test.

This has been my edition of "Teaching 101."


Nik said...

Amen sista! Congrats and good luck with your student teaching!

-Nikki Reid

Andrea said...

Hey Mel Just to let you know I decided to join the blogging world. It definantly isn't as cool as yours and Wendy's but reading your guys blogs made me want to start one. It is