Sunday, June 29, 2008

2-Day Extravaganza

Ok. So I spent the last few days riding in Wendy's purple (which she claims is red) mini-van. The two of us, her mom, and Emma drove along the Wasatch front (not including the "back way" to Tooele). We were all just so excited with how high gas prices were we thought we'd see how much money we could spend just from driving for two days.

Just kidding.

We went for the 8th Annual Quilt Shop Hop--and let me tell you, it was one "hopping" time. Our 2 day-extravaganza included:

  • 15 different Quilt Shops & 15 different quilts

  • 3 cardstock passports (which we got stamped at each place) & multiple prize-drawing enterings--one of us better win something!

  • 15 different "Once upon a Time" experiences (one of which included Emma trying on Ariel's red-haired wig)

  • stopping at a tiny po-dunk gas station to ask for directions while driving the "back way" to Tooele. I even got to use the "bathroom"--yeah, scary.

  • searching for just the right fabrics to finish some quilts (not to mention finding them!!)

  • doing some crazy math in the car (Wendy's pretty good at multi-tasking f.y.i)

  • learning that the number 164 and 154 make a difference when trying to figure out how much fabric you need ;)

  • finding some GREAT flip-flops in a different color for each of us

  • taking the advice of a Quilt Shop worker, and eating at a delicous Chinese restaurant

  • Rice-cake snacks, soda, and junk food (soda: you should have seen the number of empty bottles we threw out!)

  • getting some really good laughs at watching and interacting with Emma (she is so darling-and if you haven't already checked this out, you need to.... CLICK HERE )

  • spending the night at a hotel in Bountiful and having a continental breakfast where we got to make our own waffles...yum

  • Overall, having some fun with the girls~

What a blast! I am so excited to use the fabrics I got and finish my first quilt. I also loved coming back and realizing that yes, the quilt Wendy made for me is still the most beautiful one out there. Thanks Wend for the good times and awesome quilt.

~I can't wait til next year's Quilt Shop Hop~

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The Wright's said...

I love that quilt!! And I love hearing about your crazy adventures. Congrats on the job, btw, that is fantastic. Good luck on the quilt too, I am excited to see the finished product posted on your blog. (hint, hint)