Friday, December 12, 2008


Tuesday (the 9th) was my last day in Kindergarten, my last day student teaching, my last day of college as I've known it.

I've reflected upon these three parts of my life, and have realized how priceless they have been.

  • Kindergarten: Tieing shoes, zipping coats, unscrewing my smile at the end of each day---a tough and tiring 8 weeks.
Getting to spend everyday with hilarious little kids...PRICELESS.

  • Student Teaching: Paying tuition to do everything a teacher does, planning lesson plans upon lesson plans, having to teach someone else's way---frustrating.

Getting 6th graders to pose in different ballet positions---PRICELESS

  • College: Gaining the experience of living with a roommate (very first one) who would show me her dandruff crumbled up in her hand...disgusting. Being required to take random, and sometimes pointless, classes...funny.
Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree tomorrow morning... PRICELESS