Friday, August 1, 2008

27 Dresses

My week long class is over!
I've worked hard all week long and am quite proud of what I accomplished. My English 3440 (writing) class was an inspiration.

Classtime usually brings just doodles of flowers or the alphabet. But this was no oridnary class. My idea began the first day after a guy told a poem about all his wife's dresses. I thought to myself,

"Hmm...dresses. Interesting." and it began.

I drew one, then another and another. Grad students analyzed, and I doodled. Don't worry, I was listening, even participating. But mainly, I was drawing.

The girl next to me asked me what I was drawing. I sheepishly told her I had A.D.D and she just laughed. She asked me if I had seen the movie 27 Dresses?
I really quite like that movie.

Ah-ha! My simple-minded doodling just took on a new qwest. 27 DRESSES

Friday 1:00pm. I finished. only if I could turn this in as my portfolio instead of the poems and prose!

This project led me to one question: do I really want to spend the rest of my life being a teacher, or should I try designing dresses? Hmm...I'll have to give that some thought. ;)
There are seriously some scary ones.

But I do have a few favorites.

Which one, of the 27 Dresses do you fancy?


Anonymous said...

Mel I really love the dresses!! There are a couple that I would like you to make for me in real life if you could!! lol Glad to hear that you, along with the rest of the roomies, have A.D.D.!!

RBS said...

Is this really you. This is your auntie and I found your blog on another blog. Why on earth is this the only way that I get to see my niece. How are you doing and where are you living. you can link over to my blog and answer any and all questions there. you are such a cutie and I am glad to see that 4 years of college have been put to good use. I think I am partial to the dress with the V neck.
Talk to you soon
aunt Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Yeah . . .there's no nice way to put this--be a teacher. Or better yet, I think Costco might be looking for people. :)


lvs2dance said...

MISS MEL??? This is your cousin Jenny! How are you? A TEACHER??? I can't believe it. Well congrats! I'm glad that you have a blog so that I can keep track of ya!

Anonymous said...

So I think that maybe you should update your blog more so I know what is going on in your life (since you don't answer my phone calls!!) Love you tons!! Andrea

Kristy said...

I found your blog through Christie's, then through Wendi's! I am starting my 14th year teaching, & it has gone amazingly fast. There are tough & trying times, & days you will question your choice of careers...but it is ALWAYS worth it!! Take it a day at the time, remember what works in your classroom, & learn from what doesn't!

Good luck & I love your doodles...mine never look that good...I'm doodle challenged.

Amber said...

I didn't know we had an artist in the family! I like the 4th one in the first row! Adorable! I actually like ALL of them, but that one i love!