Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I taught a reading lesson to my 6th graders about a man during Hitler's time and the
Holocaust, titled
Passage to Freedom. Quite a remarkable story about a Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of lives.

Behind this story lies a theme that was so fitting for today.


What a great opportunity I had to talk to my students about courage and the significance of this day. As we talked about September 11, 2001 I was reminded of the horror, the sadness, and the fear. I was reminded also of courage.

  • The courage of the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives trying to save others.
  • The courage of those passengers who went down in a Pennsylvania field.
  • The courage of the families and friends of those inside the World Trade Center and the airplanes.

I remember being in highschool on this day. I remember being scared. Watching the television for weeks, feeding off the news converage, searching for hope. I remember feeling torn apart yet united.

Today, as we discussed courage in school, I remembered all of these things and I felt proud to be an American. I came home and watched some videos, read some blogs and felt motivated to share my feelings.

I will always remember this day and the people who lost their lives.

I will remember the courage.


kimpg3 said...

Thanks Mel....what a great post on such an important day. Oh, and thanks for the help on are such a BIG help!

RBS said...

I loved reading what you had to say. I too felt compelled to watch all the coverage of the event 7 years ago, and then again this year. We will never know all of the stories of selflessness and courage that took place within those two buildings and the airplanes. It is at times like this that I truly do feel the joy and pride of living in this amazing country. I hope we never forget how that feels.
Your Auntie

Amber said...

Being here where it all happened makes me realize how grateful i am to have been where i was at the time it happened. Just stories Michelle and Ian have told me (they were both in NYC when it happened) make me realize all the people it has effected. I mean, i wouldn't even have this job right nown if Ian went to that meeting he was suppose to go to. It's crazy. This is a great post.