Sunday, November 23, 2008

ABC's and 123's

I haven't posted in awhile due to the many things going on with school. In case you haven't heard, I switched from student teaching in 6th grade to student teaching in Kindergarten. Yeah--two completely different worlds.

I would like to share with you apart of my everyday:

"Does anyone have any questions about what to do when you get your paper?"
  • Um--guess what? I have one of those (referring to a DVD case shaped like a rectangle)
  • I have one of those too...and my dad bought me a new one yesterday (referring to the DVD case shaped like a rectangle)
  • I have a dog too (not referring to the DVD case shaped like a rectangle, or anything we had just talked about)

Aside from not knowing what the difference between a comment and a question is, I find myself over-hearing random, hilarious things from these kindergartners:

  • I'm the best at smelling water
  • I knew that way before teacher did
  • I'm going to tell teacher that you just ate your crayon (literally)

And I find myself having to say things I never thought I'd have to say:

  • Everyone needs to keep their hands, their feet, and their mouths to themselves (yes-they were licking/kissing each other)
  • I said "walk" to your table, not army crawl
  • Could you please stop squeezing glue into Katelyn's hair?

Welcome to Kindergarten


Leslie said...

Hi Mel,
It sounds like your days are full of entertainment!! I am sure you are the best teacher they have ever had!! I hope you are well, I miss seeing you. Take care.

RBS said...

Melly, I have substituted for kindergarten once, many years ago, and it was the hardest morning of my life (even counting going through labor). I don't think that I could ever do it again. I am glad that there are people willing and able to do it and do it well.

Nik said...

I have a Kindergartener. They are so cute, but so challenging. I'm in awe of Bryson's teacher every day. She does a great job and I'm sure you do as well. Thanks again for the prize! I received it and the boys were hoping it was for them. When I told them why I got it, they were so proud! At least my memory serves me well occasionally! :)

Melissa said...

At least you're taller than all your students now, Mel! I have no doubt, little sis, you will be wonderful with whatever age you end up teaching. Thanks for being an inspiration.