Sunday, July 6, 2008

Free to Choose

On the 4th of July, I learned a little more about freedom. I spent the whole day at Lagoon (an entire day at Lagoon really takes it out of you) with a friend of mine from college. (thanks for going with me Jeanette)

From the experiences I had there I learned a little more about how grateful I am for the choices I get to make.

For example, I chose to go on the Samurai very first--I chose to think I was feeling better enough to go on the Rocket, and then the Re-entry. (first one blasts you off, second drops you). I then chose a garabage can (with a lid) to throw-up in. Which, by the way, is a lot harder to throw up into then one without, but when you can't hold it in any longer--a garbage with a lid works.

Really. How lucky am I? What if I had been forced to throw-up somewhere else. I am so glad I got to choose that garbage can.

Here's some of the other choices I made throughout the day:

  • Walk across the park or take the Sky-Ride: definitely Sky Ride
  • Should we wait in line for Wicked: YES
  • Should Jeanette and I, plus an older woman in line choose to wear the same shoes that day: YES--go white tennish shoes :)
  • Should we take a break and just go sit on the grass for a while: yes, and take a nap
  • Ride the train: YES..and see my brother and his cute little family :)
  • Should we stay in our picnic spot even though there was an awful stinch every now and then from the people next to us: YES... I'm not sure why we chose this one actually.

So you see. Choices, all day. Who knows.... had I not chosen to throw up--I might have felt sick longer and wouldn't have gotten to make those other choices. (f.y.i. I felt better and was good to go immediately following the incident).

I really am so glad I live in a country where I am free to choose.


The Wright's said...

Aaaah, what wonderful Lagoon memories. I can just smell the fresh vomit and rancid trash now. Ha ha ha

Wendy said...

good job finding something to do Mel!

kellieanne said...

Cute Blog! I'm glad you "choose" to be friends with Wendy so I get to know you better.

Lagoon on the 4th of July - sounds like fun, sick up and all!