Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've never had a surprise party for my birthday before...I've never had my ears pierced....

I got all (plus more) in one day...

Part I:

These cute kids (a handful of girls, the masterminds) decorated while I was at lunch and had some of my favorite things all around the room--I got enough York Peppermint Patties and Whatchamacallit's to last at least an entire year!

It really was cute...Plus--what a great gift of going off-track for 4 weeks!!!

Part II:

I was standing in the kitchen. Wendy's kitchen. Telling her about what the kids at school did for me, waiting to go to the mall. We were going to go look around. We started talking about the cute necklaces with matching earrings one of my student's got me. Somehow getting my ears pierced became part of the conversation--and I hesitantly agreed. What?!!

We got to the mall, and sure enough Wendy didn't let me get away with putting it off any longer...

After I "signed my life away" and asked all the questions there could ever be asked it happened.

Emma was feeling a little what the heck, she got her's done too!
(Notice how much braver she is)

Part III:

Leaving the mall in a hurry, due to an errand Wendy had to run for Jeff, we headed to the bowling alley by Provo High School. (Otherwise known as Fat Cats).

Wendy was meeting a guy from Jeff's work to pick up some computer parts he needed. We wandered through the building until we came to Costa Vida (still couldn't find him). She asked if I'd like to eat here and I thought that sounded great! She smiled and kept walking, led me right into a room full of friends from my ward. SURPRISE!!!
(No photos were taken, sadly, but it was a good time, and definitely a surprise!)

Part IV:

As if my birthday hadn't been celebrated enough, I came home to this.

My friend Amy, not only planned the surprise party, but decorated my room.

What an eventful day full of various surprises!

Thanks again everyone :)


Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

Happy Birthday! Wow - so many surprises! I'm glad you had a good day. Love u!

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Nik said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Mel!