Sunday, March 28, 2010


100 + miles of training, running in the rain, advice from Wendy, and innumerable laps around the track all tried to prepare me for THIS:

It all began on a cold, a very cold morning in Moab...

After waiting in line to get on the bus, we finally got on and headed through the canyon.

12.5 ish miles later, we were dropped off to hang around and wait until the race began. Wendy and I chose to spend this hour waiting in one of the many lines to use the porta-potty. I might add that it was freezing~ (not just the "potty"--the weather in general).

After hiking up the hill, we stood around and waited (again) for the race to begin. started...and yet....we were still waiting....oh, that's right...waiting for the thousands of others ahead of us to go, so that we, the slower ones in the back, could move.

I will say was exhilarating when we actually crossed the starting line and could see the road ahead of us, winding around, FILLED with racers. I felt part of something BIG, something GREAT.

That lasted for, oh, a mile. ;)

We did really well--considering it was uphill the ENTIRE way (ok, ok, maybe like 85%--but c'mon!) including the huge hill around mile 9! It was all worth it though while we ran to the beating drums, the sounds resonating off the canyon walls, as we left the beautiful, red canyon and headed into town. The drums were huge. They were loud. They were incredible. I was deeply inspired and quite emotional regarding the drums.

This half-marathon was hard; the last two miles were VERY hard. Thank goodness for Wendy and her encouraging words and techniques!

As we made our way to the finish line, I became overwhelmed. So grateful for the experience, for all the training, for all the GU, for my friend, my life, for the race.

After the race, we downed some much needed GATORADE, and spent the weekend hiking (yes, hiking) in Moab. Despite all of the uphills, the sore legs, and the cold weather, it was great. We were successful.


kellieanne said...

Mel - you OBVIOUSLY love to do hard things. I love that about you!

kellieanne said...

Mel - you OBVIOUSLY love to do hard things. I love that about you!