Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yes. It has been awhile. But I've been a bit busy. Busy teaching, training, and getting ready for this...

Another RAGNAR! After the Las Vegas Ragnar, in October, a group of us from our previous team decided that we had to get the "Saints and Sinners" medal. You can only get this by doing the Wasatch Back (utah) and the Las Vegas one in the same calendar year. Yes. That meant we had to do the Wasatch Back in June and the Vegas one again in October.

Team #454 Save Our Soles rocked it!
This is the "before 180 miles" photo shot

12 runners. 36 legs. (don't try the just means we each had 3 runs) 36 quick memories.
Keep in mind most of these will only make sense to the crazies I was with!

  1. "That's all i'm going to say"---then comes Dena still sharing more...
  2. traumatic shower experience (back to middle school nightmares)
  3. wendy becomes the $2 shower whore (don't ask)
  4. trying to sleep on high school front grass
  5. Jaime and I got our engagement photos taken in a field while Tif was on her first run. You're ALL invited! ;)

  6. Mistaking Tifany for old bald man (sorry Tif!)
  7. Team throws me a gatorade bottle with gum taped to it across the highway..clever teammates! I get to search off road for it for a bit...
  8. Wendy crosses the busy street to help dena's chaffing, almost earn STRIKE ONE!
  9. Van 1 (us) lost some luggage...kind strangers return it.

  10. Wendy completes her insane run! Is rewarded with serious mud on her teeth.

  11. Getting roadkills (total of 13)
  12. Being roadkills (refuse to count)
  13. flashing wendy/ mooning jaime on their last runs! --That's how tired we were
  14. SPEEDO team (to each his own...)

  15. other team names crack me up! One of my favorites was,

  16. Tifany- "people get me"-- gotta love her!

  17. ruth-helen-nora. All one person. (I loved Nora--she was ornery)

  18. Being at the wrong exchange with very little time to get to the next...
  19. porta potties (splash backs are NASTY!)
  20. looking like RAGNAR (not posting scary photo here...have some feet!)

  21. jaime's hurt leg--first aid can't help--Tifany's real "nice" about it ;)
  22. jaime running in with her family

  23. getting to see the other van and cheer them on (love Libby!)

  24. what kind of drunk would you be? (me-emotional drunk, nora-angry drunk)
  25. beautiful scenery

  26. last run downhill then surprise...UPHILL end! (=emotional me when handing off to wendy the last time)
  27. spelling HELEN's name and doing the can-can

  28. hardly any sleep (will do this to ya!)

  29. hardly anything to eat (Twizzlers and Gatorade don't count!)
  30. free smoothies at finish line
  31. getting a massage while waiting for VAN 2 at the finish line (worth the wait!)
  32. Wendy's masseuse not so worth the wait (quite large and extremely sweaty man)
  33. Chieko sprinting to the finish line--no one can keep up with her.

  34. Finishing 180 miles together!

  35. losing jaime's wallet= extremely stressful night
  36. finding jaime's wallet the next day on top of the van that drove through provo canyon and back to pleasant grove= relieving celebration in the middle of the street

Here we come Saints and Sinner's medal...can't wait!


Jaime said...
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Jaime said...

Ha ha! I forgot about the engagement pictures. That was hilarious. You did a great job summarizing that crazy fun weekend. :)