Thursday, March 31, 2011


So March Madness has officially happened. I've watched a lot of the games and been both excited and disappointed. However...none of March Madness can compare with my experience last night.

After a long day at school (all of my class was totally on one) I faced the dilemma of going running. It was suppose to be a 5 mile run and I got mostly ready to go (that's half the battle) and with one shoe on and one shoe off I sat on my couch trying to decide if I was really going to go). It basically came down to will power. I didn't have any. So what did I do? I left it up to probability. (We've been talking about this a little bit in school, so I thought, "why not put it to use?") I flipped a coin. Heads: I would go running. Tails: I would not.

Oh how I wished it would have fallen on tails. (but thank goodness it did not!) Heads it was. I reluctantly slipped on and tied my last shoe and was on my way. I didn't go the full 5 which was fine by me. Came home, showered, and off we (Erin, Jess and I) went to Yogurtland. Each time I've been here with these two, something crazy happens. This time didn't fail us either.

I love this place and I loved this night! As we were hanging around after we finished our frozen yogurt, who came in?

THE Jimmer Fredette.

There was no mistaking that it was him with his track pants, t-shirt, 6'2 height, and curly brown hair. (not to mention his tiny little girlfriend). He grabbed a few sample cups and was acting like anyone else. We were just a little stoked. a.k.a. nervous and giddy and I finally had the courage to ask him if we could get a photo with him. (back up--my students have been talking SO much about Jimmer and shooting "jimmer shots" out on the playground. I told Jimmer my class wouldn't believe me unless I had a photo. Which was true.) He was so great! He was totally nice and I love that he knew his way around Yogurtland.

Meeting Jimmer Fredette and getting a photo with him totally makes me happy!

I'm glad probability was in my favor yesterday! Had I not flipped a "heads" I probably would not have gone running and we would have gone to Yogurtland much earlier, missing our Jimmer experience.

Here's to that quarter~ and this guy's amazing talent!

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Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

Awesome post! The story makes it even better. I will have to come up with a line if I ever get to meet Jimmer, so I can also get a picture. :)