Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conversations at the Chiropractor's

Day #3:

I'm happy I didn't get seriously injured in a pretty intense car-accident last night. I'm happy I had previously planned a chiropractor appointment for today. I'm happy I got to see this person while waiting in the waiting room:

I'm happy because of the funny conversation we had until it was her turn. You see....she's an "older" lady with an "older" husband and they crack-me-up! I've known her ever since I was little and she makes me happy.

*For the life of me I couldn't find a picture of her on the internet (she's pretty well-known in p.g. but then I remembered one from a youth conference, long ago.)

*For the life of me, I can't figure out whether those spots are either on the picture or actually on my shirt.

I'm happy for people like her, funny conversations about old people, my chiropractor, and being just fine after an accident like that.


Kim said...

Glad you're ok Mel!

Melissa said...

You were in a car accident last week? Good thing I can read of the happenings in your life on your blog....What happened? Are you okay? I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt...any scrapes or bruises?