Monday, March 5, 2012

25 things of the Past

It's my birthday. I've completed being 25. It's been a good year and I've done many things with this year. Here are 25 of the so-called "things":

Disclaimer....try not to remember that I'm a teacher while you read through these....many grammatical and punctuational errors. Some of which were intended, and some of which were not. ;)

1. Many a Runs!!! Great River Ragnar, Vegas Ragnar, Arizona Color Run, Thanksgiving Point 1/2 Marathon, Legacy Midnight 1/2 marathon, Dirty Girl Race, Live Welle 5k, Utah's Regional Ballet 10k, Turkey Trot, 5th grade 5k.

2. Top of Utah MARATHON (yeah...this one gets it's own spot! It was insane and I don't just mean the running part.)

3. Dressed up like a tampon for the Dirty Girl Race with two other crazies and had our photographs taken many-a-times

4. Road Tripped out to MINNESOTA for what? For a race of course.

5. received the JEA Teacher-of-the-Year award and $1000!

6. reached over 100,000 miles on my car and paid it off!

7. said good-bye to old roomies and the old place and moved in with the new

8. said good-bye to a fantastic class (this broke my heart) and said hello to the newbie kiddos whom I struggled with,

9. then I fell in love with the newbies and am enjoying them still

10. got a new driver's license and still haven't registered my car (it's been 4 emission tests people, 4!)

11. learned to play the organ and gained a stronger testimony of who the Lord calls, He qualifies

12. gained a greater understanding of who I am

13. set a goal to become healthier

14. got PINK hair twice! (both of which took weeks to get out)

15. TV and MOVIES: Watched Grey’s Anatomy all over again! Found a new love: Downton Abbey, and enjoyed every minute of the epic Harry Potter conclusion, and The Help.

16. Learned to love and play racquetball

17. dealt with some interesting and difficult colleague situations at school which made me grateful for a certain colleague, despise another, and thankful for a good friend who listened and continues to listen to it all

18. Was introduced to BETOS breakfast burritos and will never be the same. I might also mention that my fondness for Diet Coke has grown exponentially.

19. realized how much I miss teaching with and talking with a good friend and having her right next door. (Her family is pretty great too!)

20. committed to an intense, year-long social studies program that will result in me going to BOSTON and PHILADELPHIA for free next July!

21. attended "weekly meetings" with friends involving JCW's (which I might add has THE best chicken strips in the area, not to mention the raspberry-cheesecake shakes!)

22. Got a new little nephew who is pretty adorable (and LOVE his name....Carson)

23. Had me some good times with the cousins lately :)

24. Jumproped, jumproped, jumproped (my class is loving it and I need the exercise)

25. learned that not all roomates are as productive and cleanly and also that ANY movie with Drew Barrymore doesn't count as a proper chick-flick.

Just a scratch on the surface of what the year's been like, and what I've learned and experienced. It's been a good one.

Here's to the next!


Erin said...

Smoke-a-rama, I can't believe you forgot that you saved a bird.

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday, Mel! What an awesome year you've had! I'm glad I got to spend a lot of it with ya! :)

Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

I love the cousin one myself. Way to be productive. I love you, Coolest Girl in the World!