Friday, June 19, 2009

Around the Town

Who knew that it was possible to drive, stop, and shop from Pleasant Grove to Brigham City, then up to Logan, back down to Bountiful, clear out to Tooele, from there, the back way to Lehi, and down all the way to Springville, in less than 9 hours?!!

All I have to say is that it is! Not only is it possible, but when you throw in lunch at Einstein's, tasty frozen yogurt, a beautiful low rainbow in the middle of nowhere, hilarious company, teaching/singing fun little songs with a 4-year old, and ending with dinner at Zupas...that 9-hour road trip is a blast! (Not to mention yummy---Zupas...have you tried it?) 

(Isn't that a great photo Wendy took of Emma and the Rainbow?!)

I love doing the Quilt Shop Hop! 

The best part about the whole thing is how after all of that in one day, we hopped right back in the car and spent Friday doing the last 9 shops around Utah and Salt Lake counties. It's a great feeling to hand in your completed/stamped Quilt Shop Hop passport (unless you're Emma who we forgot to have get her's stamped in Tooele..of all places...), hoping you might win a prize, realizing you probably won't!

Overall, we saw new things, had some good laughs, Wendy found the fabric she needed, I got a new sewing/stitching idea and some DARLING baby blankets to work on, and near the end we had Israeli falafel for a late lunch.

Can't go wrong with cute quilt shops, treats at every place, free patterns, tasty meals, and good company! 

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Nik said...

That's crazy! But oh so fun! And Wendy is definitely great company!