Sunday, March 22, 2009

Purpose, Thoughts, & a Book

My blog could use an update and I have the best thing(s) to blog about-- 
so, here goes: 

I spent 7 hours in my car yesterday. 7 hours! I drove all the way to Moab and back. Yeah, it sounds like a lot of driving---but the PURPOSE for going, the THOUGHTS i had while driving, and with my BOOK on tape, it was great!

PURPOSE: The Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon!

If you just had the thought that it was ME participating, you're crazy! Just the thought of running 13 + miles is insane to me! My crazy, I mean remarkable, friend joined the 5,000 + crazy people and did it! She ran through the canyon, up and down hills, and 13 miles later....crossed the finish line! 

THOUGHTS: Pride, Inspiration, and Love

Pride: As the 2 1/2 hour time clock rolled on I watched as hundreds of people pushed themselves for the last stretch of the race. But what was even more fascinating was watching the people who were watching them. A sweet elderly lady stood from the bleachers near the finish line with pride in her eyes for her daughter who was slowly limping by. A group of young men jumped into the race to run with their buddy to the end. That boy had some friends who were quite proud of him.

But I witnessed and participated in the greatest pride as a certain someone came up the street: A sweet husband stood by with a camera in hand encouraging his wife---their sons yelling and cheering--their little girl holding a bouquet of flowers---a friend watching her friend accomplish something hard, something great. All of us---we were so very proud! 

Inspiration: I was so inspired by all of these runners--not to run a 1/2 marathon or anything--let's be realistic---but I was mostly inspired by my good friend, her running buddies, and all the people who didn't come in first or even in the top 4,000--but those left towards the end who still pushed ahead--did their best--and finished a long and hard race!

Love: I love the fact that I went. I love that I saw what hard work and determination for months can bring. I love that someone I know pushes herself and accomplishes great things. I love the example she sets and the person she is! 

Wendy, you rock. Way  to go!

I'll add some real photos within the next few days:

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Oh yeah, and the BOOK on tape: "Sarah's Quilt." (Sequel to one of the best books out there: "These is my Words.") Definitely not as good, but totally worth listening to in the car!


Kiana Don said...

GREAT JOB WENDY!!!!!!! WOW-ZA! Half Marathons are so intense and hard! It takes me YEARS to recover! The break time between my first two (and only two) was like 4 years! Blast, that means I only have 3 left! Great to hear you are such a good friend and supporter! Go team Mel!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel! Just wanted to say "HI" and glad to know you are doing well. I bet you are having a TON of FUN (including the stress and such) teaching! Let me know if you need any help:) Hope to see you soon!
Love, Rachel