Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow for Wacko

Being a 5th grade teacher really has it's perks. Not counting getting additional exercise because I led my class in the complete opposite direction on our field-trip, I get to do a lot of fun things in school. 

Some of which include: having a Constitutional Convention simulation, letting my student teach me a new magic trick, and trying to teach and learn this States and Capitals song by the Animaniacs:

Wow Wacko! 
And if you think this is great, check it out on YouTube at double-speed...

We just started trying this out and I really like this way of learning all 50, plus... the kids love it! 


Kiana Don said...

I can only imagine you being a great teacher! I like to consider myself one of your first pupils in the hallway at grandpa's in front of the the great old blackboard! Good times, good times! Love ya long time, Miss Mel!

Sean and Janet said...

Great minds must think alike. I taught this song to my 5th graders too (and have you heard the Nations of the World song? That one's impressive!)